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Laser Hair Removal2018-12-09T06:17:19+00:00

Project Description

Laser Hair Removal


There are different types of devices utilized to remove hair. What differentiates the device is the wavelength of light or depth of penetration.  The type of device used to remove hair is not only practitioner dependent, but also dependent upon the color of hair to be removed and skin color of the patient.  At this time, there is no system that removes blond or light hair.  On occasion grey hair can be treated, IF there is pigment in the follicle.  Not all devices are appropriate for use on darker skin types.  Some laser hair removal devices utilize a cooling fan and obliterate the hair immediately, while other types target the pigment in the follicle, resulting in several weeks before the hair is shed.

At Skinnicity, we utilize the Palomar ICON system that is appropriate for all skin types and can treat dark and lighter shades of hair.  The ICON has different handpieces to treat dark or lighter hair types as well as skin types.  While no hair removal treatment is comfortable, the ICON possesses a cooling tip that helps to reduce discomfort.