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Hair Restoration2018-12-20T17:13:58+00:00

Project Description

Hair Restoration


Hair thinning or hair loss can be attributed to a variety of conditions which include genetics, dietary deficiencies, thyroid disease, stress, hair processing treatments, hair styles that tug or pull on the hair root, anxiety and pulling of hair, or hormones.

At Skinnicity, we attempt to identify the cause of hair loss and if possible, treat hair loss based upon the identified cause. Unfortunately, not all hair loss can be successfully treated. But, slowing the loss of hair is possible. In the absence of knowing the cause for the loss of hair, we utilize treatment options that result in improvement in hair quality, texture, thickness and overall appearance.

Some treatment options include platelet rich plasma (PRP), hair supplements, or hair masks the clean the scalp, remove residue from the scalp and stimulate the follicle.