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Acne / Rosacea

Acne / Rosacea2019-09-18T08:15:30+00:00

Acne and Rosacea are common skin conditions in the United States. Acne begins in puberty, but due to genetic influences, some are affected with acne well into adulthood. Acne possesses both physical and psychological symptoms, with adolescents experiencing low self-esteem, isolation from peers or depression.  Rosacea often seen in adulthood, beginning with a tendency to blush or flush easily.  As time passes, redness over the nose and cheeks may be consistently present, along with enlarged pores, oily skin, telangiectasia (broken capillaries), pustules or small red bumps that come and go in the T-zone area.

There are a variety of ways to treat Acne and Rosacea.  At Skinnicity we attempt to address these issues holistically, looking at diet, habits, hygiene, hormones, genetic factors and stress to formulate an individualized treatment program. We specialize in treating all skin types and ethnicities.